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Bunker Museum

A Bunker shell construction from the 1940s is home to this museum institution in Moos/Moso(ital.). Regionally dominant subject areas present features from nature and history of the Hinterpasseier. The Bunker Museum is also an information point for the Texelgruppe Nature Park. A tour provides exciting fields of knowledge in a unique environment for the whole family and invites to further exploration of the Hinterpasseier. The special adventure character of the Bunker Museum is emphasised by an array of several highlights in the exhibition area and outdoor area:

Texelgruppe Nature Park
Kummersee lake 1401- 1774
Contemporary history
The Bunker
The Ibex enclosure
Rock Partridge Aviary
Apiary – the honeybee
Schneeberg Mountain 


The Bunker Mooseum thus provides a whole range of unforgettable impressions and experiences, exciting history and science, impressive nature and countryside…

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