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The Texelgruppe Nature Park

About water and about light

An entire room was dedicated to the Texelgruppe Nature Park in the ground floor of the Bunker Museum. In the entrance area, the impressive landscape of the Hinterpasseier is presented, which enables to experience unknown views to the village of Moso/Moos and its surrounding area. The Texelgruppe Nature Park is introduced, elements of natural history create curiosity and the spirit of discovery.
The community of Moso/Moos in the Passeiertal Valley is the largest community in terms of area, which extends into the largest of the seven nature parks in South Tyrol. Nearly all parts of the community of Moso, except the village of Stulles/Stuls, are located directly in the Texelgruppe Nature Park.
A vivid relief, breathtaking pictures as well as a unique film arouse the enthusiasm to visit and explore the Texelgruppe Nature Park.

Further information: Office of Nature Parks