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Busy buzzing bees

Recently you can expierence all about bees in the outside area of the Bunker Mooseum. A world without bees is simply impossible. From now on your children can learn a lot of interesting facts about bees and their great importance while observing the apiary along the museum´s outside staircase. The apiary of the Bunker Mooseum is home to innumerable busy bees that provide us with honey thanks to their remarkable endurance and hard work. You can watch these diligent insects at work and get to know where sweet honey comes from.

Did you know that bees always visit the same flower as long as the find enough food there? Or that bees have to visit 60 million flowers for 500 grams of honey? What does the home of the bees look like? How does a bee see and hear? How do these insects touch and smell? And how does the sun impact a bee’s flight?

Visit the Bunker Mooseum to experience nature with your children.

Have fun watching these busy insects!