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Ancient larches in Platt

The hike starts at the village square in Platt/Plata(ital.). The main road (direction of Pfelders/Plan) along up to just after the fire station – here left up the path through the woods and meadows. Following the trail no. 6, steadily upwards to the hamlet of Formazon (approx. 45 min.). Turn into trail no. 10B which leads into the Formazon Valley. After only approx. 15 minutes, you reach the ancient larches of Platt: mighty larches of enormous size and thousand-year-old history. A short ascent, where a pretty rest area with a flagstone table invites you to linger a while. Leave the Farmazon Valley, following trail no. 24. After a while, it crosses with trail no.10A, which leads upwards again. Follow the trail for approx. 1 hour up to Schmiedhof farm and return to the starting point. Walking time: approx. 3 hours

village square Platt
firefighter station
Path 10B
Path Nr.35
Path 10A