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The “Corvae” project, launched in 2017, has, among other things: The aim is to establish a wild raven colony that lives between Moos and Platt at the bunker head of the Museum HinterPasseier or to condition it in such a way that museum visitors can observe corvids feeding at certain times. In January 2017, an artificial 2.5 m high feeding place was set up, where various feed is laid out at certain times. The observations of the behavior of the bird species attracted are documented by animal keeper Gernot in an observation log. Periodic evaluations are intended to secure the data and provide information about which bird species visit the feeding place. The project was expanded in 2020. A detailed record of all bird sightings is kept at the bunker head of the Bunker Mooseum. On the opposite rock face of the Mooser Berg, animal observation is recorded using luder sites and wildlife cameras. This is intended to paint a picture of all the animals in this area. In 2019, we managed to photograph and document the bearded vulture as a rare guest in the Hinterpasseier in a promontory on the rock face in the Mooserberg. The data is currently being digitized and prepared for evaluation.