Stuls Parish church of Saint Josef

Fact sheet Stuls parish church
NameParish church of Saint Josef
Patronzinium19 March
Architectural styleBaroque
Height of church towerapprox. 25m
Furnishings and capacityThe inner furnishings came mostly from the church of the abolished Clarisse convent in Meran and the tabernacle from the place of pilgrimage “Maria Weissenstein” in Monte S. Pietro/Petersberg. approx. 150 persons, approx. 200 persons ca. 150 Personen ca. 200 Personen
Special featuresThe only church in Upper Passeiertal Valley with onion dome. For the first church roof, shingle was prepared in the Hahnebaumer forest (“Hahnebaumer Wald gekloubn”) and set up to dry at the “Schintlkostn” (hence the name). As Stulles/Stuls was not easy to access, the church bells were not melted down during the First World War, and were therefore spared.